About Community Action for Popular Participation (CAPP)

Having discovered that majority of the CSOs in Nigeria are portfolio groups; that are operating mainly in urban areas; focusing on formal right, with undemocratic leadership and internal practice; and rights, with undemocratic leadership in the country is still steep in military mentality and is not likely to accede to the wishes of the people without bottom up pressure; we being progressive individuals, gender sensitive, and of democratic disposition do hereby agree to establish a voluntary, community focused, non-partisan, non-religious, non-ethnic and non profit organization that shall partner with grassroots communities to bring about accountable leadership and participatory development by transforming our people from passive followers to empower participants.


Community Action for Popular Particition's Vision

" A society whose democracy and development is community driven. "


Community Action for Popular Particition's Mission

" To empower communities to play active roles in democratic and development processes through partnership, capacity building, Evidence Based Advocacy and Right Based Approach. "

Core Values

Community Action for Popular Particition's Core Values

  • Empowerment participation.

  • Respect for diversity.

  • Gender sensitivity.

  • Reinforcing Partnership.

  • Openness and Wholesome.


Community Action for Popular Particition's Core Values

  • Promote and defense of democratic norms and human rights at both the community and national levels to ensure that the will of the people forms the basis of the authority of government.

  • Encourage the poor and powerless to take part in the governance of their communities and country.

  • Empower Nigerians through Education on critical national issues, rights, responsibilities and policies.

  • Promote equitable access of communities to national institutions and resources.

  • Promote community and grassroots perspectives on national development policies.

  • Promote dialogue, understanding and collaboration among communities.

  • Promote women equality and participation in public affairs.

  • Campaign against corruption and abuse of Office, especially at the community and local government levels.

  • Monitor implementation of peoples projects especially at the grassroots.

  • Provision of legal aid to the needy.

  • Campaign against degradation of community environment.